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The Greatest Illusion Ever in Business— Change Management

So you are finally ready to kick-off that grand project or initiative. You are all set with executing it. You have your ‘Change Management Plan’ ready & has every possible scenario covered. Good for you!

Most if not all, Enterprise Transformation projects have a very detailed ‘Change Management’ plan. A senior and a group of mid-level & junior folks are grouped together to what is called a ‘Change Management Team’.

It is now thei

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From Looking?—?Doing?—?To Being Digital

I recently spent a couple of days at a hotel. The hotel had a theme of everything digital about them and I was impressed within the first few minutes of my check-in.

The artwork on the walls were images of circuits embedded in canvases. The lights were activated by motion sensors. The restaurant and coffee shop were named after computer terms. The crew took food orders over an app.

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Standing at her kitchen table, Jennifer Doudna, burst into laughter. All of a sudden she realized the potential that a simple bacteria could have on human life, for years to come.

In 20 years of her work in gene editing research, her quest led her to the discovery of CRISPR?—?Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats.

In English it simply means, natures way of editing out flaws in our DNA & replacing it with new ones. Yes enzymes can do that!

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What an idea!

For many business leaders, innovation equals idea generation. An initiative that will propel your business into the next level of products, services, geographies. But alas, that is not true.

In our last blog, we shared that over 90% of ideas generated through such an initiative fail. This time let us dig a little deeper and find out why.

The reason for their failure lies in the innovation process and its stages.

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What does it take to be a Digital Leader?

88% of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955 no longer exist or are not Fortune 500 anymore. The survival mantra seems to be simple- "Evolve or Perish". But how? What does it take to be Innovative, Progressive or Digital?


The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company (HBR)

5 minutes

With all this attention to the topic, embracing innovation & innovative thinking should be easy, right? Wrong!! When it comes to innovation, the gap between aspiration and accomplishment seems as big as ever. So how does one make that leap to becoming an innovative company?

Ten types of Innovation (Doblin)

10 minutes

How often do you hear the term "Innovation" in your day to day business today? Everyone, from C-level executives to product managers in R&D to people managers & team leaders, feels the necessity to incorporate innovation into their everyday vocabulary & thought process in today's intensely competitive & connected world. Here is an article to help demystify the term.

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The Explainer: Disruptive Innovation (HBR)

2.07 minutes

Of all the types of innovation you hear of in the marketplace, the show stealers are companies that embrace "Disruptive innovation".So, what exactly is this kind of innovation and is it suitable for everyone?Learn more from our curated video series as Harvard Business School presents Professor Clay Christensen's landmark theory on disruptive innovation in under 2 minutes.

The Culture Factor (HBR)

15-20 minutes

As a leader do you think it is important to define a strategy that stands the test of time? Do you think the individual cultural traits of your team members and the culture of the organization plays a role in supporting your strategy?If so you're right - leaders that display a higher awareness of the culture that operates in their organization have greater success in defining an aspirational target culture that can eventually support their strategic success goals.

Stop the meeting madness (HBR)

6 minutes

We believe that meetings are necessary, but they must be conducted differently. Meetings, when conducted effectively, can enable collaboration, creativity, and innovation. They often foster relationships and provide real benefits.

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Collaboration (Duke University)

2.5 minutes

Watch Tim Cook explain some of the personal values that help Apple create the ‘magic’. Cook speaks of the importance of appreciating different points of views; of believing that no matter how great your idea is, you cannot do it alone. The magic happens when great minds come together.

To Sound Like a Leader, Think About What You Say, and How (HBR)

3 minutes

Can you provide level-headed leadership even when — in fact, particularly when — everyone around you is losing their composure? Can stick with facts instead of getting swept into an emotional tailspin no matter how stressed you feel? By making the necessary adjustments to your approach to participation, you can avoid flying blind and start showing up more strategically in every setting.Easier said than done? Not if you know how to!

Emotional Agility (HBR)

3 minutes

Effective leaders don’t buy into or try to suppress their inner experiences. Instead, they approach them in a mindful, values-driven, and productive way—developing what we call emotional agility. In our complex, fast-changing knowledge economy, this ability to manage one’s thoughts and feelings is essential to business success.


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