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First step into the new decade - How do we power organized human networks?

It is becoming increasingly clearer to us that our firm Designs In Change is slowly but certainly working on the Future of Work. We chipped away at it in three areas - organizational development, workforce optimization and organizational productivity. We have clients who bought into the value we proposed, engaged at both strategy development and execution phases, and are happy with what we have delivered till date. We believe in the power of technolo

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The Greatest Illusion Ever in Business— Change Management

So you are finally ready to kick-off that grand project or initiative. You are all set with executing it. You have your ‘Change Management Plan’ ready & has every possible scenario covered. Good for you!

Most if not all, Enterprise Transformation projects have a very detailed ‘Change Management’ plan. A senior and a group of mid-level & junior folks are grouped together to what is called a ‘Change Management Team’.

It is now thei

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From Looking?—?Doing?—?To Being Digital

I recently spent a couple of days at a hotel. The hotel had a theme of everything digital about them and I was impressed within the first few minutes of my check-in.

The artwork on the walls were images of circuits embedded in canvases. The lights were activated by motion sensors. The restaurant and coffee shop were named after computer terms. The crew took food orders over an app.

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Standing at her kitchen table, Jennifer Doudna, burst into laughter. All of a sudden she realized the potential that a simple bacteria could have on human life, for years to come.

In 20 years of her work in gene editing research, her quest led her to the discovery of CRISPR?—?Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats.

In English it simply means, natures way of editing out flaws in our DNA & replacing it with new ones. Yes enzymes can do that!

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What does it take to be a Digital Leader?

88% of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955 no longer exist or are not Fortune 500 anymore. The survival mantra seems to be simple- "Evolve or Perish". But how? What does it take to be Innovative, Progressive or Digital?