We partner with clients to design their talent transformation journey, and enable them to effect the change at scale.

Organizations are in the business of driving growth and success — to achieve results that delivers value to shareholders, employees and the communities in which they operate. Getting there requires vision, resources and above all, a world-class talent strategy. The right talent strategy can change everything and every success story requires it. Technology plays primary role in building products & platforms. However, Talent plays the primary role in transforming quality & value-perception of IT services. Transforming the talent enables the optimization of existing business while creating the value-chain to serve digital businesses.

Digital-ready talent is the ONLY differentiator that cuts across nuances such as Geo focus, Vertical focus, Service-segment focus etc. Transformation of talent creates a multiplier lever that is hard for competition to catch up.

NETWORKSHIPTM TalentX undertakes a holistic approach to talent transformation by addressing efficiency considerations through supply-chain models, effectiveness considerations through career architectures, structural aspects through teaming models and change/sustainability aspect through learning organization constructs.


NETWORKSHIPTM TalentX CR (Compressed Reality)

With the Talent X CR offering, we design the overall solution, test it for effectiveness, set you up for scalable & sustained execution across the 4 elements of Talent X framework. We bring or derive an understanding of the market, competition, customer and internal dynamics. Insights thus developed in your context, will form the ‘strategy-hooks’ to develop themes & actions. We approach the solution as an Optimization Exercise & link the approach to desired business outcomes.

The product addresses all facets of talent transformation including but not limited to Talent definition, Talent capacity management, Talent capability management, Organizational design, and Leadership design required to sustain the future of work.

For: Senior Leaders | Duration: 6-12 months
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Talent X Studio is a two-day experience carefully crafted for business & HR leaders who expect to lead or facilitate talent transformation journey in their enterprise.

Studio takeaways include the ability to articulate a digital vision to inspire teams to challenge themselves and contribute to organizational growth and transformation, and frame and develop the scope of digital transformation that furthers organization's growth goals. As a result, the leaders can develop the plan for talent transformation.

For: Senior Leaders | Duration: 2-days
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We identify result areas and key performance indicators to weigh potential organizational structural options that maximize the possibility of achieving goals


We solve the problem of high failure rate in organizational change by development of effective frameworks based on valid theories in organizational change, neuroscience of change and complexity science.


Our talent transformation framework addresses several elements spanning talent definition, talent capacity and agility aspect, talent capability aspect, leadership linkages and organizational design.

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The framework strives to address the distinct issues that emerges when driving Talent transformation in global enterprises at scale. Based on the 4 facets of the framework, methods are leveraged to deploy talent and organizational change management solutions in a cohesive manner.  

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