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Are Leadership Development Programs Worth It?!

An article from McKinsey quarterly accused companies of spending over $14 billion dollars on leadership development programs and yet there was little evidence of return.
Wall Street Journal ran an article ‘so much training yet so little to show for it’.
HBR referred to leadership development as ‘The great training robbery’.

However, lack of effective leadership keeps CEOs awake the most. The demand for leadership, therefore, continues to grow in the business world.

CEOs want their leaders to ‘Flex in the world of flux’ and deliver business outcomes.

With this dilemma, chief learning officers are often required to provide a business case and justify their efforts in creating better leaders for the organization. Lack of tangible evidence that delivery clear business benefits, this is a tough thing to do.

Studies by DDI?—?Brandon Hall indicate that effective leadership coaching closes the gap between a young leader to an experienced one by about 65%. This translates to reducing the time for leadership maturity by about 10 years.


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