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First step into the new decade - How do we power organized human networks?!

It is becoming increasingly clearer to us that our firm Designs In Change is slowly but certainly working on the Future of Work. We chipped away at it in three areas - organizational development, workforce optimization and organizational productivity. We have clients who bought into the value we proposed, engaged at both strategy development and execution phases, and are happy with what we have delivered till date. We believe in the power of technology to create solutions in each of these areas and we have either designed, tested or actually built technology based solutions that can help scale such solutions in the future.

It is said that design imparts the soul of anything man-made. We want to impact the design of change in organized human networks, in organizations. We want to enable individuals and organizations to adapt and succeed. To peek at the soul of our product, we must look at what we create through political, social and economic lens. Political lens can be thought of as the one which highlights the world of ideas, of dogmas and knowledge - in the external world it is about the search, about advocacy, about gaining mandate. Google personifies products that enable it. We aspire to be the mirror equivalent of Google looking inward, enabling reflection of human mind.

Looking through the social lens highlights the collection or communities of human beings along with our preferences and biases and fears. In the external world it is about our 'personal presentations', about connections, and about acceptance; technologies such as Facebook or Instagram powers it. We aspire to be the mirror equivalent of such technologies looking at organized networks of humanity, enabling high performance of teams and impacting social programs. Looking through the economic lens is complex, it takes the form of consumer commerce, of institutional trade, even of wars and such - Amazon personifies a class of products that facilitate the consumption of value. We aspire to be the product that facilitates human centered methods to create value.

Sounds like a lot? Oh yes, but the time is now. We are embarking on a new decade, equipped with the technological advances and facing an increasingly digital world. We are excited to be on this mission!


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