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The Greatest Illusion Ever in Business— Change Management!

So you are finally ready to kick-off that grand project or initiative. You are all set with executing it. You have your ‘Change Management Plan’ ready & has every possible scenario covered. Good for you!

Most if not all, Enterprise Transformation projects have a very detailed ‘Change Management’ plan. A senior and a group of mid-level & junior folks are grouped together to what is called a ‘Change Management Team’.

It is now their sole purpose of existence to make sure that the project is executed and the ‘change’ brought in among the other employees in letter & spirit. Yet…

95% of Transformation initiatives fail

‘Change Management’ somehow sounds as if,

You are trying to sell something to your organization that they do not want to buy.

Also, did you notice somehow ‘Change Management’ is almost always about a series of ‘Communications’ and nothing beyond? Are you of the assumption that constant bombardment of emails to your employee’s inbox in some magical way get them to understand your transformation agenda, agree to it & follow?

Typical change management approach most organizations take is driven by ‘Ontological Arrogance’?—?Fred Kofman writes about it in his book Conscious Business

Ontologically arrogant people think, “I see things the way they are,” so if somebody thinks differently, the natural deduction is that they are “wrong.”

This means you decide on the goals unilaterally, impose them on others, and if anyone disagrees, they are wrong!


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