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One reason your company may not be growing?—?You!!

Denilson a player from Brazil was blessed with all the skill in the world. The 21-year-old offensive, with his feints, could humiliate any defender. He joined Real Betis for $43 million way back in 1998. But for most of his career, he could never justify the huge price tag. He could only muster 13 goals in 186 games.

Pundits around the world call him the classic case of someone who did not play to his fullest potential. It seemed as though he was under some self-imposed restriction to realize it.

The story is no different for most businesses. Talent transformation is central to your Digital transformation journey.

38% of business leaders feel lack of talent or right skills are the most substantial obstacles to their digital transformation agenda (High-Performance Sourcing & Procurement?—?HBR)

But these barriers are more self-imposed than external. Barriers such as-

Lack of corporate vision
Inability to work across teams
Risk-averse culture
Inability to fail first & fast
So how do we solve this?

The first step in overcoming talent transformation obstacles is to acknowledge they exist.

Adopt enabling & collaborative leadership

The first group and certainly the most influential in your organization is the leadership. Ensure that your leadership is on board and signed up in Spirit.

Organize for agility

Restructure your organization for agility & speed. Cut down the bureaucracy and red-tapism that slow down processes & innovation. This can influence the rate of change in a significant manner and create exponential impact.

Create a digital workplace

Creating a digital workplace requires bringing in tools, technology & skills very different from the ones you have in-house. Collaboration & outcome driven goals will be the key.

Promote diversity & inclusion

Allow teams or employees to disagree and have a point of view different from the norm. Create a safe space for divergent ideas and opinions. Include representation from the end of the curve. This will help you get a panoramic view of the business and the value it delivers to the customers.

Reward value contribution to business performance

Fine tune your rewards for business performance & outcomes, not outputs or tasks. Linking rewards to behaviors that build a high-performance culture across the organization in a holistic manner.

Talent transformation is the core keg for a successful digital transformation of your company. Most often it is overlooked or perceived as one of the eventualities of digital transformation. Talent forms the core of transforming your business and setting you up for success in the digital economy.


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