Our Goal

  • Creating the Leaders for a Digital tomorrow.

Founders of Designs In Change, Hari and Shwetal, shared a vision to work with middle school and high school children and focus on building the skills of the future such as Design, Critical thinking, Problem finding & Innovation. Towards this, the design team at the firm developed an instructional design blueprint from the ground up, fleshed out few programs targeting specific skills, and deployed it in a pilot school. The programs were met with success and the firm intends to expand the portfolio of programs as well as to penetrate more schools with the current stable of programs.

Our programs enables teachers and students in Middle & High school to-

  • Work with peers effectively to identify problems and work together to devise effective solutions
  • Communicate one’s point of view with structural clarity in a manner that a non specialist audience would understand
  • Convey confidence and persuasiveness through verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Support key messages with impactful visuals/multimedia
Duration – 6 days across 2 months

The process is simple and extremely effective

Sample Report