We partner with our clients to enable the culture of high-value innovation.

We look at innovation from a human systems lens

Source : IDEO

Innovation is not just about great ideas its mostly about influencing a community of people (customers/employees) to embrace change (behaviours), informed by a sense of clarity (purpose) around your customer’s & employee’s struggles for progress (toward outcomes) and the circumstances (conditions) that gives rise to those struggles.

We understand the core issues experienced while driving Innovation

NETWORKSHIPTM InnovateX helps organizations shift focus from finding the right solution to identifying the right problem to solve. This helps ensure that the plan and actions are aligned with the vision. Through our NETWORKSHIPTM model, we help organisations set up cadence and culture for executing their innovation strategy.


NETWORKSHIPTM InnovateX CR (Compressed Reality)

This product enables client organization to build and sustain the culture and performance of product innovation. We work closely with the CEO and the product management/engineering leadership of the client, enable them to define or refine the product strategy, to develop the product management acumen in the workforce, and to operationalize the product management plan. This product is delivered as a 6 month experience to the target audience, one company at a time.

For: Senior Leaders | Duration: 6 months
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Problem Discovery

Problem Discovery is about Identifying the knowledge gap. For e.g. What is it that you do not know about your customers and their problems that will help you create the right plan and act on it? Do you know the top 3 problems that your customers face? The purpose is to develop a culture of identifying problems and help articulate knowledge gap as it is manifesting in leadership behaviours.

For: Senior Leaders | Duration: 3-5 weeks
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InnovateX Studio is a two-day experience carefully crafted for business & HR leaders who expect to lead or facilitate execution of innovation in their enterprise. Studio takeaways include the ability to articulate a ‘change’ vision to inspire teams to challenge themselves and contribute to organizational growth and transformation, and frame and develop the scope of innovation that furthers organization's growth goals.

For: Senior Leaders | Duration: 2-days
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Action-gap Assessment

Action-gap Assessment involves studying the gaps between Plan and Actions, Actions and Results, and Results and Plan. Based on the vision and the strategy at stake, we help identify the gaps to address. For e.g. is there an alignment gap? What is your vision and what is the vision that is being communicated to the customers/employees? The purpose is to identify such gaps and thus the barriers to transformation to be addressed in order to bridge the Vision-Mission gap; action vs purposive action.

Innovation Bootstrapping

Innovation Bootstrapping engages people in purposeful action in the context of a plan and in doing it rapidly. The goal is to help set performance cadence and help inculcate culture that sustains innovation. The service is delivered based on principles of Design thinking and Lean execution.

Innovation Change Design

We solve the problem of high failure rate in organizational change by development of effective frameworks based on valid theories in organizational change, neuroscience of change and complexity science.

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InnovateX is an offering based on NETWORKSHIPTM Model

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