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" Transform the Collective. Impact the Individual."

Our Impact


Our work has accelerated our client’s digital journey. This has included sharper focus on company’s digital strategy, expansion of the digital product portfolio, scaling geographies, and readiness of the leadership team to achieve the new digital goals.


Our work with the N-1 leadership team of a client in the Oil and Gas sector enabled them to take multiple ambiguous and difficult assignments to closure, achieve high performance in the team, lead innovation for the organisation, and achieve their complex KPIs; at all times leading 100% growth in revenues for the organisation.


Our work with a large global services company is giving it superior clarity on aligning talent definition to organisational strategy and enhancing talent capability to achieve transformation goals. The work design is being reworked to create a agile organization that deepens the customer engagement while efficiently delivering value.


Our work with a Technology products company has facilitated the company to develop and prioritize and their product innovation agenda. Innovation is being framed and planned systemically, starting with robust practices such as Problem discovery.

OUR Approach

Outcome Oriented

Outcome orientation is central to all the work we do. This distances us from the pure consulting approach. Our measurement planning & design reflects this orientation.

Integrated Thinking

Whether the challenge can be traced to an issue with Strategy, Leadership or Operational Performance, addressing it in isolation means you miss the power of the connect.

We believe in not reducing the complexity of the context and the culture in which the individuals perform in an institution. Therefore, we must demonstrate integrated thinking across the thinking (Strategy), the leading (Leadership) and the doing (Performance).


Arjun Pratap
Founder and CEO, Edge Networks

“Designs in Change helped us connect our vision to an executable strategy. They worked on our leadership capabilities and organization design, helped us change our org structure to meet our strategic goals. Their level of engagement, design and execution was exceptional.”

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Abhay Chand
CEO, Petro IT

“Designs In Change helped us bootstrap our growth trajectory. They worked with me on fine tuning our strategy, and then with my senior leaders to develop their change leadership capabilities. They have a direct yet grounded style of engagement which is intense yet energizing. I believe that they are long-term partners in our growth.”

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Shilpika Raheja
Head- Human Resources, Petro IT

“As Human Resources Head at Petro IT, I had the privilege of formally engaging with Designs In Change team last year. We partnered on a project on Capability Development. We worked on building Organizational Capabilities, such as leadership development as that was the topmost priority for my organization. Both Hariraj & Shwetal have enriched experience in the field of learning & development. They have helped us elevate our business performance & have facilitated leadership development programs that have helped transform our leadership team. I wish them the very best.”

Arvind Sethia
Head- Engineering, Petro IT

“Creating a high-performance culture was one of our top priorities and the most daunting. Designs In Change made it happen, their engagement was structured, clear, logical and effective. It is evident they have put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. The best part was that throughout this journey, I could completely trust their team, this was a big stepping stone towards realizing any meaningful result. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to ask the most difficult of questions, explore new ways of looking at situations and most importantly to implement difficult solutions.”

Nuning Ambarningrum
Business Manager, PT Petro IT Services

“The programme was fantastic and very relevant to our work. I got an honest feedback from the coaches which really helped me identify my strength and the areas of improvement. One of the most valuable things that I gained from the programme was how to hold effective conversations with different types of people and in different situations.”

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